About Us

Founded in 2012, [SIC] represents the culmination of a remarkable 15-year collaboration between Clark Wang and Matt Clarke (unrelated). Our mission at Shoot in China is to leverage our extensive expertise in video production within China, offering international clients an unparalleled level of quality and value.

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about us

Throughout the past decade, our portfolio boasts an impressive repertoire of over 1600 projects, spanning from prestigious TV commercials, films, and documentaries to efficient single-day shoots, equipment rentals, and comprehensive logistical support for visiting crews.

About Shoot In China

As a distinguished production studio, we have diligently fostered a bilingual team, meticulously curated top-tier equipment, and established an expansive logistics network. This commitment ensures a seamless filming experience in China, characterized by exceptional results and unmatched professionalism.

about us - Shoot In China