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Welcome to Shoot In China, your trusted partner for fixer and video production , filming support across China. With a decade of experience, we have been based in Shanghai since 2012, offering top-notch services to clients worldwide. Our energetic bilingual researchers work tirelessly in our Shanghai offices to find suitable locations, talents, and organize production files, ensuring a successful filming experience.

China Fixer Services

Expert China Fixer Services

At Shoot In China, we specialize in providing professional China fixer services, including line producers and researchers. Our team offers on-the-ground support and local expertise for all your production needs. Whether you’re filming a documentary, commercial, or feature film, we are here to provide comprehensive assistance from pre-production to post-production.

Comprehensive Production Support

We understand the importance of seamless production support, which is why we offer a wide range of services to meet your specific requirements. From location scouting and production coordination to casting and crew hiring, our team is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions to ensure the success of your project.

Bilingual Team of Professionals

Our bilingual English-Chinese team is one of our key strengths, allowing us to effectively communicate with local crews and navigate through cultural nuances and regulations. With our team by your side, you can rest assured that language barriers will not hinder the progress of your production.

Full Coverage Across China – China Fixer Services

While our headquarters are in Shanghai, we offer full coverage across major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, and more. Whether you’re filming in bustling urban landscapes or serene natural settings, our experienced team is ready to provide on-demand support and assistance.

Tailored Production Solutions

Every production is unique, and we understand the importance of personalized service. That’s why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements, whether you need assistance with production insurance, equipment rental, or hiring local crews. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellence every step of the way.

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